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Iíve loved animals all my life, and have been working professionally with animals for over 20 years.During studies at CSU Chico, I also took the ROP Animal Health class and began working at Mangrove Veterinary Hospital in 1990.There I learned animal handling and basic grooming skills while continuing my studies.I then had the opportunity to help start up a new grooming shop called Land of Paws in 1992.I found this more enjoyable and rewarding than working as a vet tech, and decided to take time off from school to work in the grooming salon.Well, I never made it back to school, but I was able to take over Land of Paws in 1997, and Iíve never looked back!


After several years working with grooming assistants, training new groomers, and running a high-volume salon, I decided to slow down a bit and focus on a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere.Part of this shift was the desire to take each pet through the entire grooming process with my own hands.In this way I felt I was able to provide the most personal care and ensure the highest standard would be met. In keeping with this philosophy, I decided to move the salon to a quieter location as well.Luckily, I was able to purchase land on which I could both live and work, and opened a new grooming facility in 2008.


Since moving to the new location, Iíve found an even greater satisfaction in what I do.Not only am I able to provide the highest quality care for my clients, I am also able to be home with my own beloved bunch of critters.I currently own two dogs, five cats, several goats, a mixed flock of poultry, and an ever-revolving cast of characters in foster care.



Byron grew up in North and South Dakota, spent most of his adult life in Minneapolis, then moved to Chico in 2007.He doesnít really work in the grooming shop much (unless you count building it, fixing it, and making sure everything runs properly).He absolutely loves the critters, especially flat-faced kitties and anything with long ears or webbed feet.Heís been an indispensable part of life on the farm and helps keep things running smoothly on all fronts, while working full-time at Sierra Nevada Brewery.We were married on October 31, 2008 and look forward to a lifetime of caring for things with fur and feathers.


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