How to Bathe and Groom a Cat

Photos by Doug Churchill and Carla Freestep

Merlin aka "Pinky" before and after

Yes, you CAN turn a longhair into a shorthair. How did we do it??


First order of business: neutralize the weapons.


A good brushing over & under helps get rid of dead hair.




And now to the Bathtub...


Warm water with a gentle spray, and comfortable restraint (note harness) helps to keep the cat calm.


Working the shampoo down to the skin


Instead of spraying the cat's face with water, we use a damp towel to clean his face.



Cleaning the ears is important, but care is taken to keep water out of the ear canal.


A thorough rinse, being sure to direct spray away from the cat's face.


Kitty Burrito!



Next is the blow dry. Restraint is especially important here


Most cats are not big on being blow dried and Merlin is no exception.

He's taking it pretty well, considering.


Once clean and dry, he is rather proud of himself as he gets his final comb out.



Who wants a kitty haircut? "Me! Me!"


Using the clippers with a 1" comb and a Clipper-Vac makes a nice shorthair clip.

I think Merlin likes this part.


Grooming should be fun for everyone!


A freshly groomed Merlin with his proud Daddy.


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