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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are your hours?

A: We are open 9-5:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We are open some Saturdays 10-3:00. We are closed Thursdays and Sundays. 


Q: Do I need an appointment to have my pet groomed?

A: Yes, all grooming services and visits are by appointment only.


Q: How soon can I get an appointment with you?

A: Due to the high demand of grooming services, Land o' Paws is generally booked 2-3 weeks in advance, sometimes longer. Occasionally, an appointment may become available sooner due to cancellations or changes in schedule. Please call 530-343-4729 or email to check availability. Spring, summer and the holiday season are the busiest times, so please call well ahead of time! Booking a regular, standing appointment is the best way to ensure your pet gets the grooming he or she deserves, without the wait!


Q:  Do you have an appointment available today?

A: No. 


Q:  Should I show up early for my appointment?

A: No.  Please check in at your scheduled appointment time.  When we are expecting appointments, we will be available. However, the rest of the day we will be busy attending to other pets and may temporarily lock the door for security.  If you happen to arrive early and find the shop closed, please be patient—we promise to be there at the agreed time!


 Q: How much does grooming cost?

A: Check the sample price list for your breed and type of grooming desired. Please understand that these are sample prices only, and not an actual quote. Regularly groomed animals should fall into the range given unless there is more extensive work required (dematting, handstripping, show clip, special handling).


Q: Do you groom cats?

A: Yes, we do! In fact, we specialize in feline grooming. And yes, we can give your cat a haircut. Short clips on Persians and other longhaired cats are often desirable, especially if the hair has become matted. Contrary to popular belief, many cats do benefit from an occasional bath, and most cats tolerate this process surprisingly well. Click here to see how cats are groomed at Land o' Paws. Tranquilizers are very rarely needed, but if they are deemed necessary, you must consult with a Veterinarian. It is illegal for a groomer to administer drugs to your pet.


Q: How long do I leave my pet?

A: We generally need to allow 3-4 hours for the grooming process, sometimes longer if you have more than one pet or there is extensive work to be done. We will work with you to schedule a pick-up time that is convenient for you.  In special cases, we may be able to finish your pet in less time. If your pet has special needs, please let us know.


Q: Do you offer pickup/delivery of my pet?

A: We do offer delivery of your freshly groomed pet to your door at the end of the workday, for an additional $10, to the Chico area.  This is a great option for those who are short on time or have driving limitations.  Due to scheduling, we cannot offer pickup services at this time, but may consider making this option available in the future.


Q: Should I stop in before my scheduled pick-up time, to see if my pet is done early?

A: It is not a good idea.  If we are still grooming your dog and you walk in the door, your pet may become very excited and wiggly, which can be dangerous when we have sharp scissors!  For your pet’s safety, please plan to arrive at the agreed-upon pick up time.  We can work with you to arrange a pick-up time that is convenient for you.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you must cancel or change an appointment, please give at least 24 hours' notice. Pets arriving more than 20 minutes late may need to be rescheduled. Please call if you are running late, so that your appointment is not given away. No shows will be charged $25. Clients who miss more than two scheduled appointments must pre-pay any future appointments. Pre-paid appointments are non-refundable.


Q: Can I stay with my pet during the grooming process?

A: Our liability policy does not allow non-employees to enter our work area. And, believe it or not, pets are usually calmer and better behaved in the grooming shop when their owner is NOT present. It is important for the groomer to bond with the dog, and develop mutual understanding and respect. When the owner is present, the dog is so focused on the owner that it disrupts this process.  I have considered setting up a webcam so that owners can log in from home or work and watch their pet being groomed.  Let me know what you think!


Q: I don't want my dog around other dogs. Do you have other dogs there while my dog is there?

A: Demand is such that there will almost always be more than one dog in the grooming shop at any given time. However, unless they are from the same family, dogs are not allowed physical contact with each other.   They are each handled separately and given their own personal space.  Dogs usually behave very differently when they are not on their home territory, so even if Fluffy is a holy terror when she sees other dogs walking down the street, she probably won’t bat an eye at other dogs when she’s at the salon.


Q: I don't want my cat around dogs.  Do you have cat-only grooming days?

A: I will gladly arrange a dog-free grooming day for your cat if she is deathly afraid of dogs.  However, it has been my experience that cats will NOT become upset if they are in a secure carrier and placed on higher ground where they feel safe.  At Land o’ Paws, dogs are managed in such a way that they do not appear threatening to cats (and vice versa).  


Q: I don't want my dog in a cage. Can you accommodate this request?

A: Cages are necessary for the safety and security of the pet. While we hand-dry most animals after the bath, we also utilize cage drying to finish the process; the animal is placed in a ventilated cage with clean, dry towels and warm/room temperature air is circulated through. There will also be some "down time" before and after the groom, where a pet will be placed in a cage to relax. Most animals accept our roomy, comfortable cages very well. In very rare cases, a dog will experience extreme stress when confined. For these individuals, we will do our best to arrange as little cage time as possible.


Q: Do you use hot cage dryers? I have heard horror stories!

A: Land o' Paws does NOT use hot dryers on pets.  We use dryers that circulate large volumes of room-temperature air to dry animals.  To prevent chilling and to ensure your pet's comfort during the winter months, we may use warm-air dryers.  These are NOT like the blow dryers you use on your own hair.  Warm-air dryers provide an 85-90 degree breeze, which is very nice on chilly days.  We also have a special cabinet dryer that circulates warm air up through the bottom of the cage; I have climbed into this cabinet myself and found it VERY soothing and comfortable. We take special care with short-nosed breeds such as Pugs, Shih-Tzus, and Persian cats, so that they do not become overheated. 


Q:  Why does my pet shiver when he goes to the groomer?

A:  Honestly, I have no idea!  I can't imagine how pets would not like to have a nice warm massage bath, but some pets simply don't like getting wet, and they remember this when they walk in the salon door.  So, some pets will be a little nervous in anticipation of a bath and haircut. We do everything we can to make grooming a good experience; most dogs come bursting through the door happy to see me, and wag their tails and give me kisses throughout the grooming process.  However, some dogs (for whatever reason I can't imagine) simply don't like to be groomed.  Of course, grooming is still necessary, so we try to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible for nervous pets. Most of them get happier and happier as the grooming progresses, and by the time the owner picks up, they feel much better and are glad they came!


Q: Why does my dog's haircut cost more than mine?

A: Click here to find out!



Do you have a question not listed here? Email me or call 530-343-4729.


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