News from the Land o'Paws


It's been too long since my last news update--I've been busy grooming all your pets this spring and summer!  As usual, we are still unable to take new clients, as the warm weather brings lots of shaggy pets for their summer clips.  As always, I keep a wait list for those who would like to become new clients, so contact me if you'd like to be on it--sometimes things get a little calmer in the fall.  Be sure to like LandoPaws on Facebook for regular updates, photos, and tips.  

FYI: We will be on vacation from August 23 - Sept 5.



How quickly time flies yet again.  The holidays are almost here!  At this moment, I am booked solid through the end of the year.  I continue to be grateful and humbled by everyone's loyalty and support through a tough year.  2016 has been hard for all of us, I think.  I've been honored to have such great clients.  At this time I am still unable to take on new clients, and I don't know when that will change, but I do have a wait list.  If you'd like to get on it, contact me at or call 530-343-4729.  Happy holidays, everyone!

P.S.  Around Christmastime, the orange and lemon trees in front of the shop will be full of ripe fruit.  Bring a bag at your next appointment and fill it up at no charge.  We are blessed with so much citrus fruit we cannot use it all, and we hate to see it go to waste!



Spring has sprung!  Do you have your pet's appointment secured?  If not, I highly recommend you contact me ASAP and get on my books.  I am currently scheduled about 2 months out, so make plans for your pet's "summer cut" NOW!  Unfortunately, I'm still unable to take new clients, but if you have been to me within the last 2 years or so I still consider you an existing client.  343-4729 or

As previously mentioned, I have raised my grooming rates on a case-by-case basis.  You can expect smaller pets to go up about $5 each, larger pets up to $10.  Please refer to the sample price list to get an idea of what you'll be paying, and talk to me personally to get an exact amount.  Thanks everyone!



How time flies--it's been a while since I updated the news page!  It's that time again--we have to raise prices.  This time, increases will be done on a case-by-case basis depending how much time it takes to groom your dog.  For the past several years I have been timing each groom, and I've discovered that some of you have been getting undercharged!  Most of you will see an increase of around $5 per pet.  Some of the larger and/or more labor-intensive jobs may go up $10.  A few of you will not receive an increase at all--everything depends on the hands-on time involved.

Because I am getting older, and working alone, I am not able to groom the volume of animals that I once did. Nor do I want to!  I enjoy my job best when I can take my time, and not rush through a pet in order to get to the next one. I want to continue providing the best personal service that I can, for as many years as I possibly can.  I've given a lot of thought to how I can continue to improve, without killing myself physically or financially.  Eventually, everything comes down to the fact that I must increase my prices.  Increases will take effect on
April  15, 2016.  In the meantime, I can give each of you a quote, so that you are not surprised!

If you cannot afford a price increase at this time, please speak with me personally, and we can figure out something that works for both of us.  Thank you all for your understanding and loyalty! 



Happy Fall!  The weather is cooling down, but your pets still need grooming.  Pet hair still grows during the fall and winter, and the longer the hair gets, the more attention it needs to stay clean, healthy and tangle-free.  I am currently booking into 2016, so I strongly encourage everyone to set up their appointments in advance.  Some of my clients schedule the whole year in advance, which is great!  Remember that the holidays will be upon us before we know it, and if you're having company, it's always nice to have a clean, fresh-smelling pet greeting everyone.  :)



It's summertime in Chico!  That means lots of dogs and cats will be needing some help shedding their winter coats.  If you haven't done it already, I strongly urge you to schedule your pet's summertime grooming all the way through September, if you can.  I will be taking a vacation in the first part of September, which means that appointments will be in very short supply right around that time. August and September are already filling up quickly!  Call me at 343-4729 or email to secure your appointments NOW. Email is a little easier for this, as I have everything in writing and I can refer back to it if needed.

I am considering having another groomer come to fill in at Land of Paws while I'm on vacation in September.  Let me know what you think of this idea, and whether you'd consider this as an option for your furkids.  I wouldn't trust just anyone--I have an excellent, experienced, certified local groomer in mind.  Only the best will do for my loyal, regular clients!  Hope to talk to you soon! 



My goodness, it appears Spring has sprung. The sun is shining and the blossoms are blooming, and dogs and cats are starting to shed!  My phone has been ringing off the hook, but I am currently booked out about 6 weeks and so am still unable to take new clients.  But there is hope!  I am starting a waiting list for those who would like to become new Land of Paws clients.  It may take a few weeks or several months for an opening, but once you are on the list, you will be first in line.  Email me at or call 343-4729 to get on the list.  For current clients who schedule every 3-4 weeks, I highly recommend booking out your appointments as far in advance as you can.  Some clients book the whole year in advance, which is a really good thing if you have a predictable schedule.



Happy New Year!  This year I'm pleased to announce the addition of Madra Mor Mud treatments!  Yes, they do make mud baths for dogs now, and it's a truly beneficial treatment for dogs with itchy, flaky skin, chronic seborrhea, or hot spots.  The mud treatment soothes, detoxifies, exfoliates, conditions, and clears up skin flakes like nothing else I've ever tried.  I don't generally push foo-foo add-on services to my grooming unless I am convinced that it actually WORKS, and Madra Mor Mud is the real deal.  It leaves the skin and coat in beautiful condition and I love the way it feels on my own hands.  Right now I'm running an introductory special of $15 for any size dog, so let me know if you'd like to add this service to your pet's regular grooming.  It includes a ten minute doggie massage to work the soothing mud into the skin.  If you would like more information about Madra Mor Mud, please visit  At this time, I am only carrying Soothing Mud, but there is also Flea Relief Mud, Mobility Mud, and Shed Safely Mud.  If there is demand for these I will carry them as well.  You can also purchase a 10 oz. mud pack to take home and apply to your dog yourself, if you so desire.  I can order them for you, or you can purchase them directly from Madra Mor at $23 each.  Truly a spa experience!



Wow, time flies and I haven't been updating my news page--I've been using Facebook to keep everyone up to speed on the latest, so "like" us there!  The latest news is, regretfully, I am unable to take new clients at this time.  My books are full for 6 weeks ahead, and I'm having trouble finding appointment times even for my regular returning clients, so in fairness, I cannot take on any more.  If you've recently had a legitimate need to change your appointment time, you know how hard it is to get another appointment within a reasonable time frame, and I am looking for a solution to this.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I'll say it again: please make your appointments as far in advance as you possibly can.  If you know your schedule, I recommend you pre-book at least your next 2-3 appointments; some of my clients pre-book the entire year, which I love!  The best way to do this is to email me at with the dates you desire, and I will do my best to give you your preferred appointments.  You can also call me at 343-4729 and we can do it over the phone.  Please keep in mind that with the current workload, my days are very busy and I can rarely answer the phone when it rings--I may not be able to return your call until the end of the day, or possibly even the next day, so I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.  You, my loyal clients mean the world to me, and I'll continue to strive for the best service I can possibly give.



Sorry it's been so long since the last update.  We've been very busy keeping Chico's pets looking and feeling their best!  We're still booked out about six weeks; however, we do sometimes get cancellations here and there, so it doesn't hurt to call and ask me if I can find a spot to squeeze you in.  We are planning a vacation from August 28 - Sept 8, so I strongly urge you to schedule your August and September appointments now, if you haven't already.  It will be here before you know it!  Also, don't forget to "like" my page on Facebook for the latest news, photos, grooming tips, and last-minute openings!



Spring has sprung and Land of Paws is busy busy busy.  In fact, we have become so busy that we are unable to take new clients at this time.  I hate to say "no" to people, but I've had to turn away business left and right because we are currently booked out six (6) weeks.  Some folks don't believe me when I say I don't have any openings for six weeks, but believe me, if I could get everyone in sooner, I would!  Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day, and I must be fair to my loyal returning regulars by giving them priority.  So at this point, I can only make appointments for those who are existing clients.  I will be starting a wait list for those who would like to become Land of Paws clients in the future, so that if something opens up, you will be the first to know.  Thank you everyone for your loyalty and patience!



I had a great time at the Groom & Kennel Expo, attended some educational seminars, and spent too much money at the trade show.  I think continuing education is  important for groomers, as there are always new styles, techniques, and products to try out, as well as advances in veterinary dermatology.  This is part of what makes grooming fun--there's always more to learn!

As Spring moves forward, Land of Paws is getting absolutely swamped with appointment requests.  Demand has gotten so high that I am now booked about 6 weeks out.  So if your pet needs grooming immediately, all I can do is give you a referral to tide you over until I can get you on the schedule. I apologize for the long wait time, but there is only one of me, and I'm working overtime trying to get everyone groomed and happy.  It's almost to the point where I must consider whether or not I can take new clients.  If you have never been to Land of Paws, but you want to start bringing your pet here, it's best to contact me NOW before I make any decisions.  Thanks everyone for your loyalty and patience.  343-4729 or  And don't forget to like us on Facebook for the latest updates, photos, articles, and last-minute appointment availability!



Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be gone from Wednesday, Feb 19 until Tuesday, Feb 25 for the Groom & Kennel Expo in southern California.  I'll be attending seminars, watching demonstrations and shopping for great new products at the trade show.  I think it's important for groomers to stay up to date on continuing education, as there are always new styles, techniques, products and equipment coming out and I always have something to learn.  As of this writing, I am booked up until March 21--so I'll say it yet again--if you want a grooming appointment for spring, make it NOW before they are all booked up!  It has been unusually busy for this time of year and it will only get busier as the weather continues to warm up.  As always, call 343-4729 or email  Please note that I will not be available to take phone calls or make appointments while I am at the seminar, but I'll be back on Feb. 25 and can return any calls or emails at that time.  Thanks everyone!



Happy New Year! After a short break, Land of Paws is back up and running.  January is usually a slower time of year, but somehow my book is full until the end of the month!  So, (and I'm starting to sound like a broken record) if your pet needs grooming, contact me NOW to reserve your space.  Even if you don't need your pet groomed until spring--remember, spring comes to Chico around the second week of February, and it will be here before you know it.  Call 343-4729, email me at the address below, or like me on Facebook to get daily updates, photos, and first crack at last-minute openings!



I can't believe it, but Christmas is almost upon us and so is 2014!  Amazing how time flies.  As such, I hope that making your Christmas grooming appointment at Land of Paws has not slipped your mind!  If you haven't done it already, contact me NOW at 343-4729 or email to reserve your spot.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but I only have a few openings left before the 25th, and the early bird gets the worm, so to speak.  :)

It's cold outside, so most of our pets are going to appreciate keeping a longer, fuller coat. For this reason, you may not be thinking about bringing your pet to the groomer--he doesn't really need a haircut, right?  But remember, the longer and thicker a pet's fur is, the more care and maintenance it requires to stay in top condition.  Brushing and combing your pet daily is the best way to keep their coat tidy and tangle-free, but if your pet needs a bath, you REALLY want me to do it for you.  Trust me on this.  In this weather, you can't really bathe your dog outside without freezing, and the last thing you need is a dirty, wet, hairy dog making a mess of your bathroom.  Furthermore, if your longhaired pet air-dries without being thoroughly combed out, tangles and mats are almost guaranteed, since water makes hair stick together. So, in short: Go shopping, visit friends and family, enjoy the season, and leave the time-consuming, dirty work of bathing your pet to ME. I promise that both your dog and your bathroom will look a thousand times better afterward.  :)



Ah, the air is cool and the leaves are turning, and that can only mean one thing: the Holidays are fast approaching!  Believe it or not, my books are almost full for Thanksgiving, so if you want your pet to look beautiful for your family gathering, contact me NOW!  You can call 343-4729, email, or visit me on Facebook to secure your appointment.  It's a good idea to book your pre-Christmas appointment too, as those are going fast.  Hope to see you soon!



I apologize for the lack of recent updates; since I've been active almost every day on Facebook, I tend to forget to update here as well!  Looks like summer is officially over, and cool temperatures are on their way.  It seems like now is the time to let those short summer haircuts grow out and forget about grooming for a while.  Actually, the opposite is true!  The longer your dog's hair gets, the more grooming he will need.  Longer coats need more maintenance to keep tangles and mats from occurring.  Bathing a longhaired pet at home is not always a good thing to do, as the hair must be thoroughly combed out and properly dried, and most people don't have the proper setup or equipment (not to mention the time and energy) to go through this much trouble.  That's what I'm here for!  Call me at 343-4729 and get an appointment to keep your pet's skin and coat in top condition.  Better yet, book your Thanksgiving and Christmas appointments now before they're all gone!



Happy Fourth of July!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We continue to be quite busy at Land of Paws, keeping Chico's dogs and cats clean and comfortable for the hot weather.  I've been trying out some new styles on some of your pets, please let me if you like the way your dog looks--if not, hair grows quickly and I can always go back to the tried-and-true look if you prefer!  The "Asian" style is the new rage in professional grooming, and it's easy to see why--it's a really, really cute look, in my opinion!  Google "Japanese Poodle Clip" and be in awe of the cuteness. I can adapt this style to many breeds with hairy faces, it's not just for Poodles. As always, call me at 343-4729 early and often for your grooming needs--I'm currently booking about 2 weeks out.  And don't forget to "like" our Facebook page, where I post daily updates and photos of cute pets and dramatic makeovers! 

I do have one humble request: If you call me and leave a message, please remember to leave your phone number.  My phone is a simple landline phone and my answering machine does not match messages with phone numbers. As you may know, I do all the work at Land of Paws myself.  So if I have a pet in the tub or on the table (which is pretty much all the time), I am unable to answer the phone--but your call is important!  Help me return your call in a timely manner by leaving your name and number first, and then all pertinent information about your pet and his/her needs.  I thank you. 



Wow, we've been busy!  I've had an alarming number of "emergency grooming" calls lately.  Of course, I try to get everyone scheduled in ASAP, but my books are full for about two weeks at the moment.  The trick is this: make your next grooming appointment when you're checking out for your first.  That way, you will have your appointment exactly when you need it, and you don't have to call me in desperation when your kitty or pup is miserable from 100+ degree temperatures.  The first moment that you think "Maybe I should call Land of Paws soon", that is the moment to call!  I can book you the earliest appointment that I have, or if your pet isn't quite due yet, I can book you an appointment in 2-3 weeks or whenever you want.  Some of my clients pre-book months at a time, sometimes even the whole year!  So don't be afraid to make the commitment!  It's better to have an appointment and not need it, than to need it and not have it, and you can always cancel (please give at least 24 hours' notice) or reschedule if something comes up.  I want everyone to be comfortable, safe and happy this summer!



Looks like the warm weather is upon us, and my phone has been ringing off the hook, as Chico's dogs and cats are ready for their warm-weather clips!  In addition to the work week, I am open on most Saturdays and have recently begun opening on some Sundays, to help get everyone ready for summer.  So if your weekday schedule is tight, I'm happy to get your pet in for grooming over the weekend.  Call me at 530-343-4729 or email for your appointment!  As of this writing, I am booked up 7-10 days out, but there's always the possibility of a cancellation, it never hurts to check.  Remember, the sooner you contact me, the sooner I can get you in!  Looking forward to keeping your pets clean, comfortable, happy and looking good!



I've been updating the website with new photos, check out this new Gallery and some more Before & After shots!  If you like these and want to see daily photos of the dogs and cats we groom here, please "Like" us on Facebook!



Well, it's that time again... time for me to raise my grooming fees. The fee increase will take place on May 1, 2013. The new fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but will not exceed $5.00 per pet. I know it is a tough economy, so if you have trouble affording the increase, you can talk to me personally about ways to minimize it. Remember that at Land of Paws, you are getting a lot of bang for the buck. While some salons will charge extra for things like special shampoos, conditioner, gland expression, facials, or "express" grooming, I have always included these things in the same price. Need to leave your dog for the day? No extra charge. Would your dog benefit from a medicated shampoo? No extra charge. Dry, flaky skin and brittle coat? A soothing conditioning treatment is no extra charge. Do you need to drop off or pick up your pet after hours? No extra charge! I strive to make these little things add up to a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. As always, your pets will benefit from 20+ years of experience and a groomer who truly cares. I attend continuing education and am active in the online grooming community to constantly increase my knowledge and provide the best service possible. If there is anything else I can do for YOU and your pet, just ask!



It's starting to look like Spring in Chico!  I have seen a lot of dogs shedding like crazy the past few weeks.  It seems a bit premature, but you can't argue with nature!  Now is the time to book an appointment for your double-coated dogs--German Shepherds, Corgis, Northern breeds, anything that sheds--before it gets so bad that your house is covered with fur.  As many of you know, Springtime is a busy season for groomers, so make your appointments early and often for best results.  Have you heard of the Furminator?  This is a great tool to help cut down on shedding, and I provide the Furminator service at no extra charge.  It's amazing how much dead hair comes off with this tool--so much that it must be used judiciously, or you'll end up with a naked pet! 

February 21 through 25, I will be attending the Groom Expo, a convention, trade show and series of grooming seminars in Southern California. This helps me continue my education in order to bring you the best quality service possible, and I'm excited about going!  Since I will be gone for several days, my schedule has become a little backed up around this time, so if your pet needs grooming, call me NOW to get your appointment as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.



Happy New Year!  Thanks to everyone who keeps their pet groomed throughout the winter months.  While most pets won't require a short haircut this time of year, everyone needs a bath and brush periodically to keep the skin and coat in top condition.  Dry, flaky skin is often a problem during cold weather, as the heating in our homes tends to drying. Fortunately, a soothing, moisturizing oatmeal bath and deep conditioning treatment is available to all comers at no extra charge!  Call 343-4729 or email for your pet's appointment, and don't forget to "like" us on Facebook for all the latest updates and great makeover photos.



The Holiday season is upon us!  As of this writing, I still have a few appointments available before Christmas, but my book is filling up fast.  If you want your kitty or pup to look nice for a holiday gathering, or for pictures with Santa, please contact me ASAP!  I want everyone who wants an appointment to get one; appointments are first-come, first-served.  I'll be open up to Dec. 24, and I do have Saturday appointments available.  As always we are closed on Thursdays and Sundays.  You can reach me at 530-343-4729 or  Since I work alone and my hands stay busy, I am not often able to get the phone when it rings(can't even hear it most of the time), but I check my messages frequently and make my callbacks as soon as I can.



It appears that the cooler weather is finally upon us.  Remember, dogs and cats need grooming even (especially) during fall and winter.  Since many people like to keep their pets in a longer, fuller coat to keep warm, that coat needs regular maintenance to keep from getting tangled, matted, and packed with debris.  Many dogs (like mine) love to wade in mud puddles after it rains, so call us at 530-343-4729 to keep your best friend looking and feeling great!

And don't forget to friend Land of Paws on Facebook!  Photos and updates are posted almost every day.



Yes, Summer is definitely upon us and my books are full of warm-weather clips!  Not to worry, we're working overtime to fit everyone in and keep those dogs & cats cool and comfortable.  Call me at 530-343-4729 or email to reserve YOUR appointment!



Okay, it's definitely time to book an appointment for your dog or cat, if you want a warm-weather haircut to keep them comfortable.  This past week's warmer temperatures have had my phone ringing off the hook and I'm currently booked out about two weeks.  Everyone wanting an appointment in a timely fashion is encouraged to book now before it becomes a "grooming emergency"!  If you would like to keep up to date on everyday happenings at Land of Paws, pictures, stories, and grooming tips, please friend us on Facebook!


Spring is in the air, and the old winter coats are starting to come off--both yours and your dog's!  Our books are filling up with appointments for "spring cleaning".  Give us a call if your dog needs a warmer-weather haircut, de-shedding, or just a good bath to get the springtime mud out of his toes!  The sooner you call, the better choice of appointments we will have. Even if you want to wait another month, booking your appointment now will avoid the desperate rush when your dog suddenly decides to drop his winter coat all over your floors and furniture.  :)


It's a new year and my resolution is that I'm going to try to remember to update the news section once a month!  Land of Paws is happy to announce that we are a distributor for Thundershirts.  If you're not familiar with the Thundershirt, it's a soft fabric jacket that fits snugly on the dog and helps reduce anxiety due to thunderstorms, vet visits, fireworks, travel, etc.  IT WORKS!  I have a dog who is afraid of loud noises; I got him a Thundershirt and it has helped him tremendously.  All sizes are $39.95 and shipping is free if you need it.  Give me a call at 530-343-4729 or email me at if you would like a Thundershirt for your dog; we can make an appointment for a personal fitting if you like!  For more information on the Thundershirt, click on the photo below.


Just realized I haven't updated the site in a while; ever since I got started on Facebook and making daily updates, I've let the news page fall by the wayside!  The holidays are upon us, but I still have some appointments available before Christmas, so call me soon for a pretty, fresh-smelling family member for those holiday get-togethers!  As a holiday gift to my loyal year-round clients, you may bring a shopping bag and help yourself to the lemon and orange trees in front of the shop!



We've put together a new links page for some of our favorite places on the web.  We're also on Facebook, so you can check for regular status updates, photos, and more!



We'll be closed from Thursday, June 30 until Tuesday, July 5.  We're letting the goats in to do some eco-friendly landscaping up front!



If you have an appointment coming up, be aware that they have been doing roadwork on the corner of Midway and Hegan Lane, and there have been delays of up to 20 minutes.  You can take the freeway to Entler Ave to bypass this mess.



Great news!  Our credit card terminal is FINALLY up and running. I can't believe how long it took to straighten that out. We are now able to accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover as payment methods; we also accept Paypal.  For details on using Paypal, email us.  And, as always, cash and personal checks are welcome!

The weather's warming up and everybody wants to put away their winter coats!  If your pet has been thinking about a trip to Land of Paws for a thorough de-shedding or a spring haircut, now is the time to call, as our books are filling up quickly.

We are now on Facebook!  Like us today!



Starting to look like Spring!  Everything is going great in the new shop.  We have a new foster puppy, her name is Vinca and she is a German Shepherd.  This one might be a keeper!

On a less happy note, my work computer finally gave up the ghost after about ten years of faithful service.  This means I have lost about six weeks' worth of appointments and data--so bear with me!



The new digs are going great.  The re-design, ergonomics, and state-of-the-art equipment are a great improvement.  If anyone needs a general contractor, I have nothing but good things to say about Tim McGrath.  He has done beautiful, quality work here and is the most honest, dependable, and ethical person you could hope to work with.  He can be reached at 530-321-8080.

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to my loyal clients who have stood by Land of Paws through the past year.  Your support and patience is greatly appreciated and I look forward to bringing you clean, fresh, happy pets for years to come!




We got our final inspection, moved in all our equipment, and everything is running smoothly.  We're still fine-tuning a few things and there are some minor construction details to clean up, but we are fully functional and ready to go.  See you there!






Today is the anniversary of the fire, and I bathed the first dog in the new shop—my own filthy German Shepherd!  We are getting close--we have power and running water, just need to put in some more equipment and get our final inspection.



Looking good, ready to put fixtures in and get the final coat of stucco, and then I can get to work in the new salon.  If you’ve heard my announcement on KCHO, they jumped the gun a little on the timing… we’re not quite open yet!


Rounded corners make it easy to clean.



The rebuild is progressing well.  Hoping we’ll re-open by Christmas, keep your fingers crossed!



Coming along…



Hooray for progress!  So far, construction of the new salon is progressing smoothly and on schedule. 



At last, the building permits have been approved!!  Construction has finally begun, and if everything goes according to schedule, we should have a spanking new grooming facility in December. 



Unfortunately I don’t have much news to report.  Still waiting on permits.  Apparently the county has laid off some people, so everything is going very slowly.  Frustrating, but all we can do is be patient, I guess.



We are ready to start building, just waiting on county permits.  They are requiring the building to be ADA compliant, so that has created additional delays… and will require additional funds that insurance will not cover.  But it will get done.  My contractor has gone above and beyond the call and has been so great in spite of all the red tape with insurance, the mortgage company and the county.  If anyone needs a contractor I cannot say enough good things about Tim McGrath (he’s in the phone book). 



We tore down the shop this week and here are some photos.  It is very strange to see an empty space where the shop used to be.  But progress is good!



We are making progress. We did get some insurance money, so we have people working now, and we will begin the tear-down next week.  Still waiting on permits, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer before construction begins.  The contractor estimates the shop will be complete 90 days from the start of construction, so that puts us into June at the earliest. 



We think it may be a little while before we can set up a temporary space, as businesses are tied up for the holidays, everyone is going on vacation, and insurance companies, etc are grinding to a halt until after the new year.  This is all complicated by the fact that I am scheduled for surgery in January, and won’t be physically able to groom for a few weeks afterward. In the meantime, I am recommending Denise at  “Dreadful Dog”,  530-894-7297 or Terri at Acacia Veterinary Hospital, 530-345-1338. Most likely they will have openings available after the new year.



Photos of the fire damages are here, if you want to see them.  The contractors say it will be a tear-down.  As bad as it looks, they indicated that the rebuild should be pretty straightforward and could be finished by spring (barring any complications that may occur).  In the meantime we will keep working on finding a temporary space.  


According to the fire investigator, the cause of the fire appears to be a short in an exterior lighting fixture. They said it was something that may have been smoldering for hours, days, or even weeks and we never could have known.  I will keep updating as things move forward.


I am in awe of the benevolence extended by friends, clients, and total strangers after the devastating fire. I have to consult a thesaurus to find the words. Many have asked where to send donations, but I have been blessed with tremendous generosity and my immediate needs are met.  Thank you to everyone, from the bottom of my heart.


Since the fire was put out we have retrieved some client data, and we are now able to receive messages via our landline at 530-343-4729.  I will keep working on contacting everyone personally but it will take some time as we have a lot of calls to make.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

We have been meeting with insurance adjusters and contractors and it’s a bit overwhelming to try to sort out everything that was lost and figure out a game plan.  We are working on finding a temporary solution to operate the grooming business.  I don’t yet know how long all this will take; bear with us as we are doing everything we can to get something set up as soon as possible.

I want to extend a tremendous and sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support we have received.  Everyone has been so wonderful and willing to help.  We are humbled to receive such an outpouring of kindness and generosity in this difficult time.



For those of you who came for your appointment and found us closed, I apologize as the shop caught fire early this morning.  NO ONE WAS HURT AND ALL ANIMALS ARE SAFE, that is the most important thing.  However, there has been extensive damage. It will take some time to rebuild and much client information was lost; we are trying to retrieve the data so that I can contact everyone personally.  In the meantime you can email .  Our power and phone is currently out and we are relying on generators for internet access, so it may take some time to connect, but I will try to keep you updated.  I appreciate everyone’s patience and support and I will be in contact as soon as possible.




Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to my second year at the new digs.  A few people have asked whether the grooming rates will be going up.  I admit I’m due for a raise, as I haven’t raised rates for several years now, and as we all know the cost of everything has gone up.  But in an economy where everyone is struggling, I am postponing raising rates as long as I can.  I realize it takes everyone a bit more time and gas to get to Land of Paws, and I appreciate your business!


Back from vacation and we’re ready to watch the fur fly again!  My books are pretty full, as there’s always the post-vacation buildup of dirty dogs, but I do have openings in about 3-4 weeks.


As of today I am on an official 2 week vacation.  Whew!  We’ve been going strong since the opening of the new shop in February, and it’s time to come up for air!  My books are full until about October 1, but I’ll be back from vacation on September 6 so I’ll be available to talk with you at that time.  See you soon!



Summertime’s here!  Everyone’s getting a refreshing summer ‘do at the Land of Paws.  I am happy to report that the new boarding services have been working out very well for our grooming clients.  Our boarders are enjoying spacious outdoor spaces to romp in, and fresh kiddie pools to cool off.  For added safety, I’ve been closing the front gates when I’m not expecting appointments.   So if you’re thinking about stopping by early to drop off or pick up your pet, please call first!  Otherwise you may be confronted with the Freestep Fortress!



Thanks to all of you who have made our new location a smashing success.  I’m absolutely loving it here, and the dogs and cats are too.  It’s spring and the appointment book is filling up quickly!  Appointments are available in 3-4 weeks.  As the weather gets warmer, I expect the books to be full for 6 weeks or more, so if you anticipate a summer haircut for your pet, the time to book is NOW!  Call 343-4729 or email for your reservation.  We are open by appointment only.



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